Pretend to know what you're doing... eventually you will

I am thankful for the people who allow me to photograph them. Without them believing that I will be able to produce an image they would be happy to have, and to hold on to for longer than the time it takes to make a selfie, I would be entirely without subjects to patiently work with me as I slowly compose, and focus... 

In a general sense, I have a pretty good idea of what it is that I am doing, and what it is that I like. I think we all get to that point eventually. It just takes time. More importantly though, it takes focused practice. I am lucky that those around me allow me to photograph them as regularly as I do.

Though my subject matter is varied, I have few qualms sharing the assorted images and characters that I photograph. I think that it is important that a photograph communicates a story, and that is what I try to capture. We all have stories. I do not photograph weddings. I photograph people in their environments, and as they are. My hope is that though the majority of my photographs are posed, and lit, that they are none-the-less honest to my subject, and a window to who they are to the viewer.