First Post

I have been taking pictures for twenty years now. Starting out on a Vivatar 110, I eventually moved up to my dad's Minolta x-700. I was learning. In high school I developed negatives, and took pictures of friends and things of little consequence. Shapes and forms. I occasionally captured something worth noting, but most of the time there was a lesson to be learned. My university life was captured on an Intel digital camera. 0.3MP. Rarely art, but always interesting.

Thinking back now, those photos that could have been considered "successful" were primarily portraits; and it is that which I photograph now with greatest vigour.

If I was to describe my shooting style in one word, it would be "slow." Even my street photography is slow. I like to observe moments of time, and then decide how I can capture it in a manner that does it justice. Some shots are quick, and "on the fly," but for the most part, you can hear me say "Don't move... You've got great light," as I slowly come up and move about you, working various angles within my mind. If the light is not right, then I take the time to set up the flash(es) that I may need to capture that moment...

 ... For most of my photographic life, I have had an irrational fear of flash. As has been said may times, "You fear that which you do not understand..." And I did not understand how to use a flash. Even up until a year ago, I was a "natural light" shooter only. Things have changed; mostly in an effort to hone and improve my craft. Wanting to take the next steps in my photography, I have tried to learn and experiment with flash. It is still a learning process, and control of the light is starting to come. With each photo shoot where I use a flash, I feel as though I have come away learning something new.

I still shoot ambient for most of my personal work. I like it. It feels like a nice warm pair of slippers to me. I feel comfortable in the warm glow of the sun, and the cool rays of the spring, summer, and fall nights. During winter... my photographs become more measured, and I want to get back inside as quickly as I can. I regret that my winter photos are not nearly as plentiful as all the other seasons, but one day I may take that challenge on with greater vigour.

I hope that with this helps you know me a bit better as a photographer. I love this art. I know that I am not 'great,' or even 'good.' At this point I consider myself to be mediocre by measure against those whom I hold in high esteem. But I have my vision of the types of image I wish to capture, and I slowly, always slowly, am working towards an endless pursuit of beauty.