Vision lost? ... Or changing perspectives?

A simple photograph of an oak leaf that has been Impaled by a blade of long grass enroute to the forest floor.

As I walk the woods that sit at my back yard, or walk the streets of downtown Toronto, I have come to find that my ability to "see" has changed. I feel as though I am missing things that would have been once so obvious; yet am now seeing other things that I had once over looked. The seasons seem to dictate the type of photography that I am doing at the moment. Or the mosquitos. 

The woods are a beautiful place for me to walk and relax, and I love to photograph the small things within it that do not necessarily make for a good photograph. I think that we all do these things. I wonder if I should show these photographs upon these pages. My "Random Adventure" photos. Are they even interesting enough? 

Street has become more interesting to me, particularly as I am starting to be able to "see" a very special type of light, that in all honesty excites me. The shimmer and glow that comes with it before the golden hour is special, and I seek it out earnestly.  I am still learning to handle the light. It has its own properties that are simply different and special.

As I take more photographs, I think that I am learning to see and change my past-held perspectives to ways that are starting to show a maturity in my photography. At least let's hope so.