Getting Ready...

I promised someone that I would have this page updated by 10pm tonight: in time for them to get off of work and (hopefully) remember to check this page out.

The main page is a collection of many of the photographs that I have submitted to Canadian Geographic for their "Photographer of the Year" contest. Last year I was a finalist. I would like to finish in the top five this this year.

During the summer, I like to spend some of my free time photographing bugs. Their world is a fairly interesting one, as they go about doing whatever it is that they do... And generally, unlike small mammals, they tend not to scurry away as I approach. It does not make the work any easier though, and I challenge anyone to try macro photography. It is both a continual joy and frustration as your plane-of-focus is a mere millimetre or two in depth. But when you get "the shot," the stress and mosquito bites that came along to get it are worth it.

I truly hope that you, the viewer enjoy these photographic portraits of the insects that I capture.