Getting back into a groove

As the previous post stated, I have been taking pictures of bugs for a while now. My efforts have been focused intently on that, which can drive one to insanity if you take it too seriously (which perhaps I did at times). The aim of perfection is an unattainable goal, yet is one which continually caused internal turmoil as I pursued it.

Sometimes I take photography as more than a hobby, or even a passion. When I have a subject before me, drive pushes me further, and I can lose myself to trying to capture a fleeting moment of time that represents the quiet nature of a life. I know, it's crazy. As long as I do not have a camera in hand, nor a subject before me, I am okay.

Much like hunting, there is a pursuit to capturing a photograph, as well maneuvering and stalking the image. A game of strategy and wills at the worst of time. To find an elusive photograph that is worth sharing with others can sometimes take hours of work,... and sometimes it just happens. When the first shot taken is "the one," the next photos become the "just incases," and fun photographs to see other perspectives that might be hidden. The stress is off.

I have found portraiture of people to be (usually) easier than that of insects. The work is certainly cooperative, and the pursuit is sometimes a leisurely stroll (once the technicals have been worked out). Street portraiture is nice because it involves little set up really. Natural light, and the right person within it. A few moments shared, then a departure. I just wish more of the people who I met along the way contacted me so that I may share with them the photograph that we had made together.

I will be taking a small break from insect photography. Perhaps one or two captures every few days. My focus will be on relaxing a bit, and making portraits of people when the opportunity presents itself. I need to keep my stress levels lower. I want to contribute to the art of photography, more so than driving myself insane in micro-perfection.